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"Hello everyone!!!!

               I am Nidhi Doshi, a self-made Dance Choreographer & an Artist, but above all my Expertise lies in teaching these Creative Art Forms, be it any age group. I have trained people of all ages  starting from 2.5 years of age to brilliant enthusiastic Adults. It never ceases to amaze me, as to how age is just a number and that “ANYBODY CAN DANCE & ART ".

              I have a very holistic approach towards mentoring, as it’s not just about dance or art for me, but it’s also about stimulating people’s mind, to help them develop a creative streak and an artistic mind. My teaching methods aims to unlock a person’s imagination, develop innate ideas and discover hidden talent. 


             I believe being Artistic is a way of life, and I teach the same ideology to all my students. This ideology helps me spread positivity, joy, happiness & discovering oneself, that comes as a result when one invests their time & energy in activity like Art & Dance.

             Discipline is one of my very strong values that I always strive to inculcate in everyone. It’s something that I have lived by all my life. And so, I always tell my students to

remember 3D  - it means,






You must be wondering how I stumbled into this Profession, weather I had it all planned or not, but it’s something that happened to me by Chance. I was just like you, as a young adult I absolutely loved Dancing, Painting & Crafting.

               I Still Remember, the year 2003. It was THE year that I had a breakthrough. A year that transformed and shaped my life into where I am today. I was invited to an NGO, by a group of ladies, to teach them Garba (Traditional folk dance of Gujarat), as a Garba artist. This inspired me and made me extremely happy & gave me the courage and motivation to develop my career as a Choreographer. Simultaneously, I also did painting, I made many handcrafted items like Diyas, stone paintings, wall hangings and cloth jewelry etc. & started selling them from home. I made handcrafted gifting articles as well, for my sister’s marriages, which only gave me more confidence and made me believe that I was on the right chosen path for me. As more and more people loved my work, the more it drove me towards my passion. Then on, I started experimenting a lot with my Dance & Art forms.

               Today, I can proudly say that I am self-made artist & a choreographer. Despite many struggles and failures and a lot of hustle, I came to establish my very own Institute for Dance & Art in 2007 with 19 students, and named it Harii Priiya Dance & Art Hub. I Introduced Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Art at the institution, as I was self-trained in these fields too.


Here are a few of my Achievements:




As the academy grew, I held annual dance shows where children performed the dances they had learnt throughout the year. The                                 functions were held at one of the biggest halls in Ahmedabad.


My students went on to participate in competitions held by celebrities like master Saroj khan, Geeta Kapoor, master Marzi, Raghav, Master Muddasar Khan, Master Firoz Khan, Master Ganesh Acharya, Dharmesh sir, Salman Yusuf Pathan, Vartika Jha, to mention a few. 


Children also participated in their school functions, and won.





When it comes to art, I have been featured several times in newspapers and other articles as seen in the photo gallery,


I have had the privilege to work with many big CRAFT Companies, where I have given DEMOS with their products, at their physical stores,                  and Youtube.

Every summer vacation, I held summer camps, which were an instant hit. Where the children were kept busy with fun and enjoyable                          activities, like dance, art, painting, games, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc.


Painting EXHIBITIONS were held every year, where I displayed my work and all my students painting works, which they worked on the whole            year.

Not only that, but I got to attend grand exhibitions in places like Udaipur, and meet amazing people.

A couple of years ago I travelled to international countries, to learn Art. I am an internationally qualified and certified Decoupage Art                        Instructor. I have been featured in many newspapers and articles.




VISION statement...

            Having achieved many ACCOLADES, AND RECOGNITION in dance and art, my target has always been to help people become mentally and physically fit, which everyone is in need of, in todays fast paced and technologically driven world.


            Two of my bigger passions that drives my work today is,

                 1) To work with kids,  so they become more self sufficient, more disciplined, creative, self-made & to not always be technologically driven or dependant.

                2) And, to support people, with my professional trainings in art, to  stand on their own feet, to make them financially and mentally independent, to make them capable and strong and to make them believe in themselves, to help, guide and support them to start their own business by training them in advanced artistic professional skills and techniques where they can earn and set it all by themselves"

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