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  • Do I need any artistic background before I join?
    Absolutely not, all courses start from a beginners level and progress to advance levels. There is no need for an artistic backgrorund. I will be there to guide you in every step of the course, clear all the doubts and queries along the way. All you need is an openess to creativity, excitement and desire to learn something new everyday :)
  • Is there a registration fees?
  • What will be the mode of conducting the classes.?
    1.Recorded vidoes that will be uploaded course wise. 2. One on One live sessions 3.Group sessions.
  • What are the art forms that you teach?
    There is a varied list to choose from. 1. Decoupage art 2. Canvas painting 3. Calligraphy 4. Image transfer 5. Quilling art 6. Fluid art 7. Resin art 8. Soapesso art 9. Warli art 10. Fabric painting 11. Block painting 12. Candel making 13. Calligraphy with paint brush 14. Lamasa clay art
  • What age groups can join?
    Any age group. Age is just a number. :)
  • Where are the classes held?
    Online - Currently *offline classes- Subject to change once the pandemic situation subsides.
  • Can I recieve a professional opinion and review on my artwork?
  • Do you conduct certificate courses for professional training?
    Yes. *contact for further details.+919898626224
  • Once the payment is done, can I have a refund?"
    No, only in case of technical glitches.
  • Are per-class payments allowed?
  • I have a question not covered on this page.
    In that case you are free to contact number the provided -- +919898626224.
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